We provide executive quality, mutually rewarding dating introductions.

Finding a woman who fits into you lifestyle can prove difficult and take time. Elite Matchmaker guarantees that you will be introduced to an exciting and interesting date who desires a mutually rewarding dating scenario.


Elite Matchmaker is completely confidential. Discretion is assured. Personal information is kept private and never disclosed by us to anyone. We have pioneered discretion solutions which include a way for you to date anonymously, ensuring your date is relaxed because she knows you are already verified by us. Because our business is entirely about Mutually Rewarding Dating and finding the exact, discreet, safe match for you, we focus on your needs, your requirements and most importantly your satisfaction.

Elite Matchmaker does not confine you to traditional relationships, but instead successfully matches you based on what you truly desire from a date or a relationship.

Elite Matchmaker matches are selected based on the expectations of both our male and female clients. We connect successful men and women who both desire to be in a drama-free, rewarding relationship. If you would like to learn more about Elite Matchmaker, please contact us for a personal interview at your convenience. We understand that discretion is critical, so please complete the form and indicate the best way for us to get in touch. We will then contact you as you decide, at a time chosen by you.