authentic matching diagramAuthentic Matching™ was created in response to the frustration of misleading online dating profiles.

We have developed a revolutionary new way of bringing people together. Authentic Matching capitalizes on female intuition and combines it with technology and diligence, to ensure the best possible match for relationships, business and adventure.

Online dating is broken, because anybody can be anyone and have a persona that is not representative of that person or their intentions.  Authentic Matching™  compels each member to be authentic, and is a big part of the Elite Matchmaker Success story. Authentic Matching™ works in any type of matching, whether for relationships, business or adventure. The Authentic Matchmaking System it proprietary to Elite Matchmaker and while we can’t tell you all the details, here are some of the elements we can tell you about:

How Authentic Matching Works

  • Targeted recruitment of a potential match as opposed to automated algorithms.
  • In depth interview with questions designed by a PhD to elicit honest responses to the members true intentions.
  • Deep searching of online databases to confirm information from interviews is accurate in regards to matters like employment, housing, education,  finances, business activities and marital  status.
  • Cutting edge algorithms of social media activity to compare against interview questions to verify or uncover inaccuracies.
  • Face recognition software search against criminal database and specially selected databases that can uncover nefarious activity or unauthentic prospects.

If you would like to learn more about how Authentic Matching works, please complete the application and we will be only to happy to discuss the process with you.